Interdisciplinary cooperation


In Psychiatry, we work together across many professional disciplines, complimenting and strengthening each other’s competencies in daily life.

You will be working in partnership with nurses, psychologists and health and social care assistants, and we expect you to collaborate across professions with an open mind and see the benefits of the differences.

We have a good working environment with respect for each other’s competencies, and a flat organisational structure.


Professional and personal development

There are excellent career and development opportunities in Central Denmark Region, and we place great emphasis on professional and personal development.

Competence development is an ongoing aspect of employment within Psychiatry.


Conditions of employment

As a generel rule, everyone has a 37-hour working week with 6 weeks holiday a year.

You will be paid according to the collective agreement for doctors in Denmark, after negotiation with the relevant union.

What do we offer international employees?


  • An ambitious professional environment

  • Thorough introduction to the department, hospital, language, and culture

  • Training regarding the Danish healthcare system and legislation

  • Ongoing supervision and guidance in professional, cultural and social issues

  • Intensive language classes when you first arrive, with gradually increased contact with the department.

  • Guidance in connection to moving abroad, finding accommodation, child care and networking

  • Guidance regarding job search and networking for your spouse


Meet some of our employees

Watch the films below to learn more about what it is like to work as a phycisian in Central Region Psychiatry.

Gå ind på adressen øverst på siden for at se videoen.

Gå ind på adressen øverst på siden for at se videoen.

Gå ind på adressen øverst på siden for at se videoen.

Gå ind på adressen øverst på siden for at se videoen.


General rules on residence and permits

How to apply



Charlotte Stensig, talent acquisition specialist, mail: