Working in Central Denmark Region Psychiatry

In Central Denmark Region Psychiatry, you can contribute to the development of psychiatry and take active responsibility for examination, diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric patients.

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Are you a medical specialist in psychiatry from a university in the EU, the Nordic countries or the EEA and ready for a career demanding both a sharp mind and a warm heart?

We have many employees with foreign backgrounds and we are continuously looking for the best professional employees.

What do we offer?

  • An ambitious professional environment and great colleagues who look forward to welcoming you
  • As an employee in Central Denmark Region Psychiatry it is a prerequisite that you speak Danish, you will therefore receive intensive language classes in the beginning, followed by gradually increasing contact with the department
  • Thorough introduction to the department, hospital, language, and culture
  • Instruction in the Danish healthcare system and legislation
  • Ongoing supervision and guidance in professional, cultural and social issues.
  • Guidance in connection with moving abroad, accommodation, child care and networking
  • Guidance regarding job search and networking for your partner

We strive to ensure a good life for all citizens. Our ambition is to be an attractive and sustainable region, contributing to and promoting solutions to major challenges both nationally and globally. Our hospitals belong to the elite of university hospitals in Denmark, and aim to be the best choice for both patients and professionals.

If you are interested in learning more about your opportunities, please contact Charlotte Stensig, talent acquisition specialist, by mail 

On this site you can learn more about us and what it is like to live and work in the Central Denmark Region.

Marta from Italy

Meet Marta from Italy, and hear her tell about her first year as psychician in Central Denmark Region.

Gå ind på adressen øverst på siden for at se videoen.

About Central Denmark Region

Who are we?

Central Denmark Region Psychiatry is an organisation operating in line with Central Denmark Region’s somatic hospitals.

Central Denmark Region is responsible for the majority of public health service in the region. Psychiatry consists of 8 psychiatric departments.

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Working in psychiatry

In Psychiatry, we work together across many professional disciplines.

You will be working in partnership with nurses, psychologists and health and social care assistants among others.

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The departments

Central Denmark Region Psychiatry consists of 8 psychiatric departments which are located all over the region and together they constitute one hospital.

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Life in Denmark

Denmark is known for prioritising a work-life balance, and for us to be able to perform at work, it is important that the whole family thrives on a daily basis.

Childcare is available in all municipalities, and there are networks and consultants on hand in most cities to welcome newcomers.

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Charlotte Stensig

Talent acquisition specialist